I'm Harriet, and I help leaders actualize vision.

I've lead an unconventional life.

As a child on family hikes I wanted to go the hard way; scramble over boulders or climb rock faces rather than walk the conventional footpath.

Setting challenges was my default. The ending of one became the start of the next, whether an audition or job application, I was oddly optimistic in the face of defeat. 
I spent my twenties travelling the world working in sport, musical theatre, film, tourism, property and wine. By this point I'd been exposed to a vast range of industries & brands, and the people who visualized them.

In 2011 I built the world's first netball news website, publishing content from five continents. Attracting 40,000 unique visitors each month, it hit the right notes with fans, but commercialisation was challenging in a minority sport. Curious about amplifying brilliant ideas, I decided to learn branding and marketing at University.

I became Marketing Director for a London advertising agency, and in 2018 won Business Development Manager of the Year for the UK, from the Institute of Sales Management.

I'm passionate about ideas becoming actual realities with meaningful legacies.


How can I help you?

to make something that could possibly happen or be achieved really happen

an idea or mental image of something

Do you have a vision that you want to make a reality? My mantras - Climb Every Mountain, and Anything Can Happen, have helped me do this for myself and my clients.  

Working back from the end goal, we start with high level strategy and gradually drill down into creative execution. These executions can manifests in events, brand, design, marketing & PR, and business development.

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I stand alongside brave business owners and creative free-thinkers...

The purpose of my business is to help people actualize their vision, and I value these statements in my work:

Climb every mountain - be brave and ambitious

Anything can happen - be optimistic, creative and open

Caring for our planet

I support the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and especially align with numbers 8, 9 and 12.


In addition, in day to day activities, the business:

  • uses less energy 

  • reuses and recycles, and

  • selects eco-friendly suppliers


I want to collaborate with sustainable and environmental partners and suppliers, drop me a line if this is you.